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About Atlas Specific Adjustment
Specific Chiropractic Technique

Dr.Paiso is among a small number of specialist Chiropractors who has helped pioneer the unique technique known as Atlas Specific Correction or the Atlas Specific Adjustment Technique. The science of Chiropractic Medicine has evolved into highly specialized areas, not unlike Allopathic Medicine, where Doctors must continue their education and experience in focus on the differring areas of the spine.

Whereas general Chiropractors often are general in both their techniques and abilities to address certain musculoskeletal injuries, specialized Chiropractic techniques have been finding great acceptance by allowing us to deal with the underlying problems that are more complicated to deal with and have greater affect on spinal health and overall wellbeing and pain.
Although there is sufficient scientific evidence from the history of Chiropractic Medicine to show the neck or cervicle spine to have major affect on entire spinal alignment and whole body posture, nerve pain and organ function, unless specialized and experienced in the specific area of the upper cervicle spine, many if not most of the chronic spinal injuries are never completely dealt with or corrected.


Atlas Specific Correction   The design of the atlas vertebra is unique because it is the only vertebra in the spine without an interlocking mechanism to hold it in place. This promotes a high degree flexibility, this free range of motion in our neck that allows us to scan our environment simply by turning our head. Unfortunately, this flexible design may allow the atlas to become misaligned through some trauma such as an auto accident, a fall, or even being born. If the atlas is not centered exactly under the skull, the result is a low grade pressure and irritation to the brain stem. This is something akin to a computer malfunction and will eventually bring about symptoms of some form or another. Actually, it may cause a great variety of symptoms.

Don't Let this Happen to You

As illustrated in the X-rays below, this patient had come to see me and was experiencing pain.
- The first image shows considerable reason for their pain and symptoms.

They had received several treatments over several weeks as part of their recommended treatment plan and was progressing very nicely.
- The second image shows natural curvature returning, with dramtic improvement in quality of life.

This patient began feeling so well, they stopped their treatments all together, against recommendation and agreement to the treatment plan.
This patient had come back to see me a few years later as pain had progressed to a level that prompted them to seek treatment again.

That is the 3rd image, and unfortunately the pain was not indicative of the amount of injury that returned and progressed further.
The amount of irreversible damage and calcification was completely preventable had the patient adhered to the treatment program as recommended, including a better quality of life.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what is your quality of life worth?


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