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To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a patient of Dr. Paiso's for just over a year now and I can honestly say he has dramatically improved my quality of life. I am a Fibromyalgia (FMS) patient who also suffers from Chronic Fatigue (CFS). Before I was introduced to Dr. Paiso I had become nearly bed ridden for the last couple of years, unable to work or have any kind of a life at all. Since being under Dr. Paiso's care I have been able to resume working and living again. I have also stopped taking multiple medications that I had been dependent upon before meeting Dr. Paiso. I now have less pain, more mobility and increased energy. Another great result is that I no longer have to take any allergy medication. I have had severe allergies my entire life but now that my body is in alignment allergies are no longer an issue for me.

I feel strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from Dr. Paiso's excellent patient care.


Rene Conklin

To Whom It May Concern:

I came to Dr. Paiso for headache relief, not expecting to get help for all these other body parts as well. Then it was time for my cycle to start. I only had a slight headache the first day and it went away with a nap and aspirin. The next day I didn't have any pain at all. In this cycle I did not have to miss a day of work and not only was I able to function. But came home from work with more energy then I had in months. From Dr. Paiso's Atlas Specific Correction I was able to get 80% relief from headaches in just 3 weeks time. Now I am looking forward to seeing even greater results as my body continues the healing process. Freedom from neck stiffness and pain as well as the elimination of mid-back pain and swelling has been unexpected benefits of the treatment. And because my body is not experiencing pain continuously, I have more energy now then I have had in years. Dr. Paiso says that the view is going to get even better and I'm thinking, Wow! It's great already. And I'm game for more.


Karen Vraa

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